The PS PortBSD system is handheld Backscatter imaging system that highlights organic threats and contraband. Its portable form factor allows the operator to scan in hard-to-reach places, helping customs and law enforcement screen vehicles, walls, furniture, aircraft interiors, packages, and more for drugs, currency, explosives, and other organic threats while on-the-go. for example:

Perform more in-depth, non-destructive vehicle searches on-the-road.

Quickly identify anomalies inside car seats, dashboards, tires, etc., where drugs or currency are likely hidden.

Make informed decisions about the presence of concealed drugs or currency before risking vehicle damage during a search.


1)using handheld Backscatter imaging system.

2)one-piece body design, 8-inch display. The image is displayed in real time while the device is scanning.

3)with laser positioning, convenient to quickly determine the scanning position.


5)Penetration: It can distinguish the organic glass or soap after 1mm steel plate.

6)Active area: When the equipment is 50 mm away from the object, the detection width is more than 160 mm and the length direction is unlimited.

7)Image acquisition time:240mm/s

8)Battery life:2h

9)External dimensions: 324mm x 300mm x 143mm

10)All equipment can be placed in one instrument box.

11)The radiation dose on the side of the work side is ≤0.32μSv/h to ensure the safety of the staff.