Multifunctional High Definition X-ray Inspector PS Flatx can get the video of the internal structure of the object at the speed of 60 frames per second. It can see the 3D structure of the object by changing the angle, and store and play back. It can also be used for continuous image acquisition and detection of large objects by mobile devices.

    Take the vehicle which is difficult to detect as an example. Doors, trunks, seats, tires and other positions are easy to refit sandwich filling contraband. Because the position is suspended or placed in a narrow position, it is difficult for ordinary X-ray machines to place and inspect. Even if they are barely fixed, the inspecting efficiency is extremely low, and other equipment is unable to start. The multi-functional dynamic high-definition X-ray detector can be conveniently inspected. Because the detection board is small, after installing the telescopic connecting rod, it can extend into every corner, and then use the hand-held X-ray machine to irradiate, it can conveniently carry out the detection of each position. Because of the dynamic detection function, not only does the jitter of the handheld device not affect the image, but also can quickly check all suspected corners by moving the detector image continuously. When the suspicious position appears on the image, the detector can be swing directly, and the imaging angle can be changed to focus on the inspection, so as to obtain the three-dimensional video of the suspicious area, thoroughly investigate the suspicious area, and greatly improve the inspection efficiency.


1) The equipment is equipped with special software, which can see the internal structure of the physical evidence and the type, shape, size and distribution of the physical evidence in the package in real time, convenient and accurate.

2) The system can take still images, as well as dynamically and real-time observation of all detail in the item being inspected.

3) ray perspective video imaging speed up to 60 frames / sec.

4) can shoot perspective video, the video can be stored and played back in the operating software, and the single frame image can be paused when playing back the video.

5)Clear image, detector particle 0.1mm

6) software image tools: brightness contrast adjustment, wired, wireless video frame number adjustment, edge enhancement, puzzle function.

7) The software has an image management function that automatically generates an image folder named with a date.

8) The software can modify the image format and output the JPG format image file.

9)equipped with multi-function connecting rod, with 4 kinds of acquisition combined imaging: x-ray machine and detector can be connected into an integrated U-arm; the detector can directly connect the telescopic rod to detect large or Hanging objects; The x-ray machine and the detector are connected to form a U-shaped arm and can be connected to the telescopic rod to detect high objects; the x-ray machine and the detector can be used separate.

10) Multi-function connecting rod can be quickly installed and disassembled without using tools.

11) The system can be fully wireless or wired.

12)Hand-held work weight ≤ 7Kg.

13) sturdy instrument carrying case, anti-shock moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, a full set of equipment can be placed in a carrying case.1、Like a camera, it can shoot x-ray video. Frame rate 60 frames per second



Plxel size:100μm

Dynamic range(Grey levels):14bit(15536)

Active area:130mm*130mm

Maximum penetration:14mm of steel

Video rate: 60fps

X-ray machine:80kv 0.5mA constant potential

Battery life:1.5h

Hand-held working weight:7kg