The automobile X-ray high-definition inspection system is a high-precision vehicle security inspection system developed by our company. It has high image resolution, clear image, strong penetrating ability, dual-energy recognition, etc. It can effectively and accurately check suspicious objects and possession in the car. personnel. In addition to being able to detect cars, the system can also detect oversized items such as office furniture and sofas. The whole system adopts fully enclosed protection, which can effectively protect the health and safety of the public and operators and avoid the danger of radiation radiation.

    ?The system is mainly composed of a constant current X-ray generator, a beam limiting device, a high-definition line array detector, and a channel type synchronous moving door. The detected vehicle is parked between the constant current X-ray machine and the high definition X-ray detector array. The X-ray machine emits X-rays which, after passing through the vehicle under test, form an X-ray perspective on the HD X-ray detector array. Similar to the document scanner, the synchronous mobile platform drives the constant current X-ray machine to move synchronously with the high-definition X-ray detector, that is, obtains a high-definition X-ray fluoroscopic image of the complete vehicle, and finally displays it on the computer. If there are controlled knives, explosives, guns, hidden personnel, etc. in the car, you will have an unobstructed view.

    ?During the test, the car stops after entering the detection channel, and the passengers leave the channel to go to the security room for security inspection. After the channel door is closed, the scanning mechanism drives the detector and the X-ray machine to move the scanning mode to obtain the side HD perspective of the whole car. image. After the security inspector reads the map, the access door opens and the driver enters the vehicle to drive the vehicle away.